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Podkrušnohorský Zoo Park

Podkrušnohorský Zoo Park in Chomutov was founded in 1975. It specializes in breeding animals originating from Europe, Asia and North Africa. Here you can observe more than 160 species of animals on the area of ​​112 ha. There are a lot of attractions for children in the zoo park. You can also watch animals in their natural environment when taking a ride in Safari Express.

The zoo park is open all year round every day, including all holidays, and hosts a number of events. You can use the local mini train Lokálka Amálka to explore the main part of the zoo.


Baby Jesus Route

Baby Jesus Route was inaugurated in 2007. It is located in the town of Boží Dar in the Krušné hory Mountains. Baby Jesus Post has been running in Boží Dar for many years, sending letters with a stamp from Baby Jesus around the country. Baby Jesus Route offers two circuits, i.e. 5.6 km for the smallest visitors and 12.9 km for experienced hikers. The route has thirteen stops, where children carry out interesting tasks together with Baby Jesus and his friends from all over the world.

You can visit the Baby Jesus Route all year round and its start is at the Tourist Information Centre in Boží Dar.

Bicycle trail to Kadaň and Maxipes Fík Riverfront


In the vicinity of our town there is a series of bicycle trails, but children will like the trail to Kadaň along the Ohře River the most. In Kadaň you will get to the Maxipes Fík Riverfront, which offers a range of interactive features, such as an acoustic park or a carousel, which has two bicycles instead of seats, little mill for Nadkřeček (big hamster), skateboard course or two pedal bikes with a water pump. 




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