město Klášterec nad Ohří
Klášterec nad Ohří
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Natural views

The rocks of Rašovické skály
Rašovicer Felsen

This natural monument, state-declared in 1992, has an area of ​​35 ha and is located southeast of Klášterce nad Ohří at the edge of the military district of Doupovské hory. There are basaltic rocks with thermophilic communities of protected plants and animals. There is no tourist path leading to the rocks of Rašovické skály, but they are accessible by a tiny footpath from the village of Suchý Důl that rises up the rocky cliff to the rock peak.

Sphinx by Měděnec

The Sphinx is an interesting and rare rock formation that can be found southeast of the village of Měděnec. With an altitude of 800 m, it has been a protected natural monument since 1983, covering an area of ​​0.6 hectares. It was formed by a process of frost weathering of gneiss and has a variety of shapes. The name was derived from its appearance, which resembles the head of the Sphinx. There is a beautiful view of the Krušné hory Mountains and the rocks of Doupovské skály from the Sphinx. You can take a walk around this natural monument following the marked bicycle trail No. 35.

Another popular viewing point is the Úhošť mesa near Kadaň, a national nature reserve.


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